Bridget Gauthier

I joined the Co-op staff in August of 1998 and enjoy my job and the people I work with.  Some of my duties include medical billing, transcription, technical assistance, and communication with member schools regarding special education information.  Prior to working for the Co-op, I worked in banking; as a relief postal clerk in Park City, Columbus, and Laurel; as school secretary for Park City Schools; and as a clerk for Cenex Transportation in Laurel.  While in high school I concentrated my optional studies in the areas of accounting and business, which I enjoyed very much.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years through on-the-job training, workshops, classes, and a willingness to learn. 
I was born and raised in Laurel and graduated from Laurel High School.  The administration building in Laurel where the Co-op is currently housed is where my father attended high school and I attended junior high.  I married a farm boy from Park City and moved seven miles west in 1972 and have resided there since.  We have three grown children (all college graduates!) and five wonderful grandchildren who live in the area.  How lucky we are! 
My husband and I enjoy camping, fishing, traveling, and time with our grandchildren, children, and extended family that live in the area.  Montana really is the best place to live! 
I can be reached at the Co-op Office in Laurel at (406) 628-7903.