The Yellowstone West/Carbon County Cooperative provides Early Childhood Clinics for children, birth through 5 years, 11 months of age.  The screens include the assessment areas of hearing, vision, general health, motor skills, concept skills, and language development.  The clinics are free to those in the Cooperative service area.  These clinics take place at various locations in the service area at different times.  Please click the link below for further information. 



Wednesday, August 30 (3:00-7:00)                               Laurel Administration Building


Friday, September 1 (8:30-11:30)                                  Laurel Administration Building

Wednesday, September 20  (3:00-7:00)                         Red Lodge

Wednesday, September 27 (9:30-2:00)                          Pryor Head Start

Wednesday, November 8  (8:30-11:00)                         Laurel Administration Building

Wednesday, January 24 (8:30-11:30)                            Laurel Administration Building

Wednesday, February 7  (3:00-7:00)                              Laurel Administration Building