Isha Contway

I have worked for the YWCCSSC since the fall of 2008. I had come to Montana from Idaho Falls where I had worked for one year as a school psychologist for the Idaho Falls School District. Previous to this, I completed a one-year internship in Burlington, Vermont. Here I worked with both a private school psychologist completing comprehensive evaluations, and worked with a nationally renowned research team, collecting data regarding a more in-depth approach to the assessment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

I obtained my masters degree in School Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 2006. Prior to this I received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from New Mexico State University in 2002. Upon graduation I worked as a fifth grade Language Arts teacher for two years in Phoenix, AZ. After working closely with the school psychologist where I taught, I saw this as an area I wanted to pursue professionally. With classrooms that were beyond capacity, I was continually frustrated by not having the time and resources to provide an in-depth, individual focus on students I observed struggling each day. I saw school psychology as a field in which this was possible in education. I enjoy the process of gathering comprehensive information on each student I work with, determining the potential influences of difficulties they may be experiencing, and formulating a plan to help them be more successful. This was simply not possible with teaching, but is a part of my day-to-day work as a school psychologist.