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Destruction of Records Notice

posted Nov 2, 2018, 8:11 AM by Karen Underwood

Legal Notice:









OCTOBER 25, 2018

Notice is hereby given that all special education records of students who graduated from or exited from the Yellowstone-West/Carbon County Special Services Cooperative, serving the participating school districts, Broadview, Blue Creek, Elysian, Canyon Creek, Elder Grove, Independent, Laurel, Morin, Yellowstone Academy, Pryor, Belfry, Bridger, Fromberg, Joliet, Luther, Red Lodge, Roberts, and Molt prior to December, 2013 will be destroyed sixty (60) days from the date of this notice. The destruction of these records is authorized under the Code of Federal Regulations (34CFR300.624). Students leaving Special Education prior to December 2013, or their parents, wishing to obtain their special education records should call Beth Vogele at the Cooperative office at 628-7903 to make arrangements to pick up their records. Records must be picked up PRIOR TO DECEMBER 26, 2018.


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