OT/PT Resources

Below you will find several links to resources. Please note, these links are provided for your information and are not necessarily endorsed by the YWCCSSC. YWCCSSC has not verified and does not endorse the links or the content of the links that are found on this website. These links are provided to assist the site visitor in his/her search for information. YWCCSSC assumes no responsibility for the validity of information provided on the links and as in all Internet use, the user should verify all information. The information on this website is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge.


American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)-AOTA Website


American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)-The official website for the American Physical Therapy Association. 


Children and Youth-OT's role in possible treatments for various diagnoses in children and youth from the American Occupational Therapy Association 


Handwriting Without Tears-This is the official website linking the user to Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum and Materials. 


Montana Office of Public Instruction OT/PT Guide-This is a guide created by OPI to explain school-based services. 


Montana School OT/PT Organization-This is a Montana organization for school-based occupational and physical therapists. 


OT Fact Sheet-List of Occupational Therapy fact sheets from American Occupational Therapy Association


OT FAQ-Answers to frequently asked questions from American Occupational Therapy Association 


Sensory Calming Checklist-This is a list of activities for kids with sensory struggles. 


Therapy Shoppe: Pencil Grips and Writing Tools-This website lists various pencil grips and writing instruments for all needs. 


Tips for Parents from OT's-American Occupational Therapy Association gives tips for parents on various diagnoses that affect children/youth  


Your Therapy Source Website-This is a website for OT and PT. It lists several resources for activities as well as free downloads.